Upcoming Auditions  

Any Given Monday

Sat November 11th at 1pm

            • LENNY - A really nice guy, husband of Risa and father of Sarah
            • RISA - Lenny's wife, leaves him for a smooth talking man
            • Mickey - Blue collar loyal best friend of Lenny
            • Sarah - Grad student in philosophy. Daughter of Lenny and Risa

Come to auditions prepared to do cold reads.  Monologues are optional

12 Angry Jurors

Sat Dec 30th at 1pm

All of these roles can be cast as either male or female

            • Foreman - The Foreman is responsible for keeping the jury organized. He is an assistant football coach outside of the jury room.
            • 2nd Juror - A shy bank clerk who takes time to feel comfortable enough to participate in the discussion.

            • 3rd Juror - is a small business owner.  He has a bad relationship with his own son, with whom he is no longer speaking. We are led to believe that this is a contributing factor to his prejudice.

            • 4th Juror -  is a stock broker. He handles himself with a very serious air. He deals with the facts of the case logically and concretely.

            • 5th Juror - works in a Harlem hospital and says that he himself has lived in the slums his entire life. 

            • 6th Juror - A house painter, is happy that the case continues as it means he doesn’t have to work

            • 7th Juror - main concern in the case is whether or not it will end before his ball game, for which he has tickets. Sells marmalade and is generally indifferent.

            • 8th Juror - the only juror who votes “not guilty” at the first vote. He is discontent with the way the trial was handled and wants them to discuss the evidence in greater detail. 

            • 9th Juror - an old man. He respects 8th Juror's passion and sense of justice and quickly comes to his aid and becomes and advocate for the defendant.

            • 10th Juror - one of the most fervent attackers of the defendant. Tactless and fairly bigoted, he condemns the defendant as “one of them” right from the start.

            • 11th Juror - a German immigrant watchmaker. He is very patriotic and talks about how much he loves the American justice system.

            • 12th Juror - works for a marketing agency, to which job he refers to often. He seems constantly distracted from the case.

Come to auditions prepared to do cold reads.  Monologues are optional

Stuck Moving Up

Sat Feb 10th at 1pm

Come to auditions prepared to do cold reads.  Monologues are optional

  • Business Man-30+. A good looking corporate type guy.
  • Heather Roman- Mid 30’s- early 40’s   Unemployed, divorcing, beautiful, intelligent, confident, wary of men.
  • Bradley Jameson- Mid 30’s-early 40’s Corporate businessman. Good looking, smart, cocky, but a decent guy.
  • Harold Romono- 40’s-50's- Elevator repair man. Gruff, sarcastic, worn down, decent man. Thick New York accent
  • Nina Pollo- Early  20’s Elevator repair trainee. Cute, sweet, naive warm hearted, romantic
  • Bert- 30+ Elevator repairman. Sleazy.

(It's recommended that Bert and Business Man be played by the same actor in disguise)

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