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Curse of the Werewolf

By Tim Kelly

October 27 - November 6 2022

Buzz Halliburton, an entertainer fallen on hard times, is summoned to Gargoyle House, a spooky castle on a lonely New England island. With him is his partner, Admiral Byrd, a penguin who can tap dance to "Puttin' on the Ritz." The relatives turn out to be candidates for the funny farm. Colonel Snipes plots to blow up the island. Veronica, his wife, wears evening gowns in the daytime. Little Messalina is a child terror who has baby piranhas for pets. The housekeeper, who often appears without her head, is menacing; the gardener is probably insane. One grisly murder takes place before Buzz's arrival, but there are more to follow! Because of the family curse, there's a werewolf in the house. But who can it be? The new governess? Sheriff Birdsong? The neighbor with the leaky boat? Olga, the gypsy, who still uses a wagon and horse? Things really get hot when Buzz is declared heir to the Snipes fortune and a young man claiming he is the real Buzz Halliburton shows up only to be wolfed down. Who dunnit? Everything is here from a touch of light romance to a classic "will-reading" scene with fiery red eyes at the window. The laughs never stop and there are plenty of chills.

By Christopher Durang

Dec. 8th - 18th 2022

By Deborah Brevoort

Jan. 26th - Feb. 5th 2023

By William Shakespeare

Mar. 16th - 26th 2023

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Bowen

Book by Hunter Bell

May. 11th - 21st 2023

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