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All in the Timing

by David Ives

December 9th - December 19th 2021

All in the Timing by David Ives is a fun, energetic collection of short comedic plays. Our production will showcase six scenes:

1. Sure Thing: A couple meeting for the first time get an infinite amount of do-overs to make sure their date goes smoothly

2. English Made Simple: An exploration of possible conversations between metaphorical “Jack” and “Jill”, guided by a narrator that reveals exactly what they’re

both thinking.

3. The Philadelphia: Mark finds himself trapped in a never-ending slump where absolutely nothing goes his way.

4. Variations on the Death of Trotsky: Eight fantastical retellings of the final moments of Leon Trotsky, who famously lived for one day after having an axe lodged in his skull.

5. A Singular Kinda Guy: Mitch is a young man with a wild secret - see, he isn’t a man at all. He’s not even human. He’s a typewriter.

6. Words, Words, Words: They say 3 monkeys trapped in a room with typewriters will eventually write Hamlet... I say it’s a lot more complicated than that.

These plays present ideas about love and life itself. It’s the perfect show to watch if you’re looking to have a good time!

January 27th - February 6th 2022

March 10th - 20th 2022

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Blim

Book by Nick Lang, Matt Lang, Brian Holden, & Jeff Blim

Arranged by Clark Baxtresser & Pierce Siebers

May 12th - 22nd 2022

June 16th - 26th 2022

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