You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

March 30th at 10am

Callbacks will be April 1st at 6pm

Looking for actors and actresses age 16 and up for following roles:

  • Charlie Brown (Male) - is gentle, insecure, and lovable. Charlie Brown possesses significant determination and hope but frequently fails because of his insecurities, outside interference, or plain bad luck.
  • Sally Brown: (Female) - Charlie Browns younger sister. She is good-hearted, funny, friendly, cute, sweet, silly and innocent.
  • Lucy Van Pelt: (Female) - is stubborn, crabby, vain, loud, temperamental. She is also madly in love with Schroeder
  • Linus Van Pelt (Male) - Lucy's younger brother. Linus is very smart and kindhearted. He carries a blanket for security
  • Snoopy: (Male) - is loyal, funny, imaginative and good-natured. He is also a genuinely happy dog.
  • Schroeder (Male) - has a deep love for classical music and is annoyed by the advances of Lucy.

Come prepared with a 32 measure upbeat song to perform, sheet music or digital track

For additional info, please contact Brenda Goodenberger at

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