Date and Time

June 15th from 10am-1pm in scheduled 10 minute slots.

Audition Information

Auditioners will be required to sing 32 bars of a musical theatre song that best shows their range. Please bringing your own backing track digitally. Bluetooth speaker will be provided.

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Character Breakdown

Men (10)

Proprietor - any age

Balladeer - mid 20's

John Wilkes Booth - late 20's-30's, Southern accent

Giuseppe Zangara - mid 30's, Italian accent

Leon Czolgosz - late 20's-30's, Eastern-European accent

John Hinkley Jr - mid 20's

Charles Guiteau - late 30's - early 40's

Sammy Byck - mid 40's 

2 Male Chorus Members (multiple characters)

Women (4)

Sara Jane Moore - mid 40's, Southern accent

Lynette "Sqeaky" Fromme - mid 20's - 30's

2 Female Chorus Members (multiple characters)

Boy (1)

*Can be male or female

*Plays multiple characters age 10-13

*Must be able to sing